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Mason Ibas = Sabino Sam

Welcome to my corner of the Internet. Glad you’ve stopped in. I’m a professional photographer based in Tucson Arizona and specialize in sports photography, from youth leagues to professional athletes. My background is in editorial photography, although my work has appeared in both editorial and commercial settings. I’ve been fortunate to have my work appear in national, regional and local publications. Including National Geographic Adventure, Velonews, CyclingNews, The Arizona Daily Star, The Tucson Citizen, Tucson Sport Magazine, Tailwinds and many sports related websites. I enjoy what I do for a living, and work at it full-time.

I cover several youth sports leagues in the Tucson Area, and can be found on the campus of Catalina Foothills High School during the school year covering the Falcons sports teams. During the race season, you can find me at many of the Arizona Bicycle Racing Association (ABRA) races throughout the state. ABRA is the local USA Cycling affiliate and promotes a wide diversity of events.

Enjoy your visit to my site, and if you see me on the road or on the sideline, come say hi…..I love to talk about what I do!

Oh, and if you’re wondering about “Mason Ibas”, it’s actually SabinoSam spelled backwards. I’ve used SabinoSam since the days of BBS boards (that would be before the Internet, kids), and I live near Sabino Canyon in Tucson. SabinoSam…Yosemite Sam….it works for me. Too many Scott’s out there and I was called Steve pretty often, but Mason seems to be more memorable, and not many could pronouce let alone remember Haughey (Hoy)….. so Mason Ibas it is, and that’s how you’ll see it in bylines.

Scott Haughey

aka Mason Ibas