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Arizona Crit Championship 2006 Video

3 January 2009 2 Comments

I’ve been going through some of my old files and found this video that I had put together for the Crit Championship in 2006 ( I think it’s 2006 ). Uploaded for all to enjoy! I know I have more video’s and I’ll endeavor to add them as I find them. Don M. has several videos set to music that last for about 25 minutes each that I had put together for the El Tour Expo….

Is this ‘05 or ‘06? I know it’s the race in Scottsdale. This was one of the best courses for a crit championship I’ve covered. Lots of corners, lots of speed and of course lots of photo opportunities!


  • Jason Karew said:

    I’m pretty sure that is the 2005 crit.

  • Lionel Space said:

    It’s definitely 2006.