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Welcome to Mason Ibas Online

11 June 2008 No Comment

Welcome to Mason IbasĀ Online. A combination of an online magazine and sports blog covering the sporting scene in Arizona. I’ve been fortunate to see a lot of what Arizona has to offer in the sporting arena from “T-Ball” to professional athletes in action. Seemed only logical that I share these events with sport fans from across the world.
This is an ever evolving site….so I am having some issues with the formatting.

IE6 Users…..UPGRADE…IE6 is full of security holes and doesn’t/won’t/can’t display the format correctly! IE6 users account for 8% of the visitors to Mason Ibas Photography. It’s 2008, time to move up to IE7.
Foxfire Users….There are some minor issues with the “gallery display” when you get into individual galleries. I’m working on resolving this with Photoshelter, my archive service. There are a few images that won’t show up for some reason….but after refreshing the screen they seem to appear…?

If you are having any issues, please contact me so I can work on resolving the problem and make your visit more enjoyable.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy the site.

Mason Ibas

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