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[12 May 2009 | No Comment | ]
SoMo TT 2009

Here is a lesson…never judge a race by its title. For some thirty years I’ve been driving by that big brown pile of rock just south of Pumpkinville (also known as Phoenix) and never gave it a second glance. Most of you who know me also now of my disdain for the eastern most suburb of Los Angeles that is the Phoenix area. My normal routine is to travel through the valley before dawn, hence avoiding the blight altogether. I’ve lived in L.A.. No thanks. I’ll take the dusty cow town of Tucson any day. Although Phonecians’ think of Tucson as just a collection of stash houses, I need real mountains, and a lot fewer people! So, when the South Mountain TT rolled around, and since it is one of the few races in Arizona I haven’t covered, I thought I’d hold my nose and go see what it was all about. Well, I was in store for a very pleasant surprise. Great course, great scenery and a great race put on by a dedicated club, Team Vitesse. First class all the way!